My USDZ Animations Not Playing in AR App

I have created a 3D object in Blender with keyframe animations (super basic). I export the file as a GLT and use Apple Reality Converter to convert the file to USDZ but when I place the object in my AR app, the animation does not play. The animations work when I open the USDZ file on my computer and press play, but not in my app.

I know the issue is to do with my object and not my app, as all other USDZ 3D objects with animation, I have downloaded from here have worked perfectly with my app.

I have tried:

  • Bake the animations in Blender
  • Different file format exports from Blender
  • USDZ file exporter for Blender (This gave me the worst result)
  • Loading the USDZ in Apple Reality Composer and setting the animation to play on scene start with behaviors

All result in no animations playing within the AR app.

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hi, did you find any solution ?
iā€™m facing the same problem