My vehicle collection

(Alban) #1

One of my recent projects is to start scanning cool vehicles when I come across them around the streets, and annotate them in 3D with their tech specs: You can check my collection here, and a recent example below:

Annotated BMW F 650 GS motorbike by alban on Sketchfab

(Bart) #2

Oh that's a great idea @alban!

Question for you: when I went out on the street yesterday to scan my entries for 3DST27 - Street Art, I was scanning this statue right in front of someone's house and it made me a little uncomfortable. Did someone ever ask you what you were doing, taking 50 pictures of their motorbike? smile

(Alban) #3

@bartv not yet smile I don't think the owners of the bikes saw me, my plan is to leave a note on their biket letting them know they can check a 3D scan of it on Sketchfab.

(Bart) #4

YES! Print some awesome cards at MOO where we can fill in a reference code or something like that!

(Chaitanyak) #5

thats amazing, and a pleasant surprise to find a note like that on one's vehicle smile