My Warlord-class Titan Mech, optimized and CGI-ready is now on Sketchfab


(Taumich) #1

I just completed the creation and upload of my massive and well detailed Warhammer 40,000 Warlord Battle-titan from the Adeptus Titanicus legion Invicta. I am very proud of this piece and also tried rendering it using Blender Cycles since it will be used for CGI animations. It took a long time to get it uploaded properly to sketchfab but i hope the blender to sketchfab plugin will include sharpness at some point, otherwise I should still be able to successfully upload via workaround solutions without much trouble.

Here is the creation in its mighty form: Textures are very high-resolution, some were reduced in size to be possible for upload on the site.

Link to the sketchfab model: