My Well Project[WIP]

Sorry if this seems like I’m spamming or a repost.

I feel this piece I’m working on is almost done, more detail is still needed but, I’m not sure what I’m looking for. I know the little green base could use some little details, gonna touch that up and I’m gonna get a HDRI for lighting.

Whatever feedback you guys may add would be great!

Looking good!

Some ideas for extra details:

  • nail heads in the timbers on the roof
  • some small grass elements on the ground, in he cracks of the stone
  • a cobweb or two
  • the rope could dangle down into the well
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Hey there, you’re on the right track!

I have a suggestion for the wooden planks. They all have the same repeating texture.

I think it would look less repetitive and better if you either rotate the UV for some of the planks or flip the planks themselves.


Well update!!

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