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(Veyratom) #1

Hello guys,

I am currently working on several projects at the moments. Some are almost done and some just getting started.
And I can't wait to post some the models on Sketchfab. The project must come out first of course.

Anyway I am working on a tribute animation trailer about "L'incal" (story created by Moebius and Alexandro Jodorowsky).
It will feature one of the baddies : The Pantechno guild. One of the most evil factions in this universe.

Last WIP shot :

PS : I really like the structure of the forum by the way.

(Mauricesvay) #2

This is looking good so far. Can't wait to see it on Sketchfab.

What software do you use for static rendering?

(Veyratom) #3

Thanks Maurice !

At the moment, I use Vray in 3DS Max. It is quite efficient.

(Veyratom) #4

My CyberChess game set is on Sketchfab !! smiley

Link to the model :

And some renders :

Also I decided to use one thread for showcasing my work on Sketchfab.

Cheers guys !

(Veyratom) #5

An animated version of my mine train :

(Veyratom) #6

Last model :

Steampunk Earth by Veyratom on Sketchfab

And the textures made and used for the model :

(Veyratom) #7

Next model on Sketchfab : Robot Factory
The challenge is to put an exterior and an interior in one 3D scene !

And of course, it will be animated.

(Veyratom) #8

Next model on Sketchfab !!