My WIP and models on Sketchfab

Hello guys,

I am currently working on several projects at the moments. Some are almost done and some just getting started.
And I can’t wait to post some the models on Sketchfab. The project must come out first of course.

Anyway I am working on a tribute animation trailer about “L’incal” (story created by Moebius and Alexandro Jodorowsky).
It will feature one of the baddies : The Pantechno guild. One of the most evil factions in this universe.

Last WIP shot :

PS : I really like the structure of the forum by the way.

This is looking good so far. Can’t wait to see it on Sketchfab.

What software do you use for static rendering?

Thanks Maurice !

At the moment, I use Vray in 3DS Max. It is quite efficient.

My CyberChess game set is on Sketchfab !! :smiley:

Link to the model :

And some renders :

Also I decided to use one thread for showcasing my work on Sketchfab.

Cheers guys !

An animated version of my mine train :

Last model :

And the textures made and used for the model :

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Next model on Sketchfab : Robot Factory
The challenge is to put an exterior and an interior in one 3D scene !

And of course, it will be animated.

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Next model on Sketchfab !!