My work has been Stolen and the theif is refusing to take it down

I recieved a comment from Ksem Almazov claiming I forgot the download button on a model that I did not want people to download. The user then proceeds to steal both my model and texture offering as a “Free download” to users againts my permission. I have asked the user to remove this as I would never allow my work to be released in such a way and he double down saying “It is completely new mesh and texture upload for people who like this design and would like to download something similar! (because you forgot to add download button)” The model in question quite clearly is a stolen version can this been taken down and the offending user recieve some form of punishment. I have given them one more chance before I send a takedown notice.

My origional model : Gummy bear boy - 3D model by ChristineDesigns (@ChristineDesigns) [062c0b0] - Sketchfab

Stolen model + texture: Bear Gelly Boy - Download Free 3D model by Ksem Almazov (@KsemStudio) [e67bc21] - Sketchfab

Hi Christine, please submit a DMCA takedown notice. It will only take you a few minutes and we can act on it quickly.

Thank you I will do this now, just to confirm the theif will not see any of my personal details

The theif has not done to try and still all 3 of the models and not just one, Please can this be removed or do I need a second DMCA

As far as I can tell we haven’t received your takedown notice yet - did you receive it via mail and did you forward it to You can include multiple items in one DMCA notice.

I clicked the link you provided and filled the form out two times I have fowarded this, just encase it was lost please see the below

If possible please do not send my home adress to the theif as they will more then likely try to dox me considering how they are acting around the request

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The User has now taken to harrasing me, poorly coppying my models and ripping aspects of my textures. Please can both offending models be removed and the user be punished

Origional: Cat - 3D model by ChristineDesigns (@ChristineDesigns) [bc60263] - Sketchfab

Unique model but poorly stolen tectures: Free Cat - Download Free 3D model by Ksem Almazov (@KsemStudio) [adaf462] - Sketchfab

cat — ImgBB see textures for comparrison.

This was after I made it painfully clear in my about


Please report this to community@ so we can handle this privately.

My apologies I am not used to reporting on forums, how do I go about doing this?

You can email with the issue and we’ll help you from there.


The fantastic Sketchfab team has resolved this now and I am increadably greatful, thank you for your assistance