Mysterious Railway [Final]


(Poofy1447) #1

This is a scene where trains disappear. Work in progress.

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(Chaitanyak) #3

aah! nice idea :slight_smile:

(Poofy1447) #4

Thank you!

(Poofy1447) #5

(Chaitanyak) #6

wow!! nice!

maybe the back can be .. blacked out.. or have a bright light.. ?

i did something simillar with a portal -

also may i suggest a clean vertical cut

(Bart) #7

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(Poofy1447) #8

Thanks! I'll consider that.

(Poofy1447) #9

I gave the cave a shave! :grinning:

(Andrey) #10

Wow, nice!
Is it final work?

(Poofy1447) #11

Thank you! On second thoughts, I feel like it could need a little bit of improvement. So I don't think it's final yet.

(Poofy1447) #12

My final design. :smile:

(Andrey) #13

I think you not tagged it)

(Poofy1447) #14

Thanks for reminding me!