Mythic Zyra Wip (league of legends Fanart)


(Mona Skoog) #1

Hello Sketchfab!
I started a new project some weeks ago and thought i would share it with you

Mythic Zyra Project (league of legends Fanart)
this beautiful and inspiring concept is by Tom Randby

I started in Zbrush to make the highpoly you can go here : to see some progress pictures of my sculpt

this is a decimated version of my highpoly, its close to done but the hair needs a little more work

any feedback and thoughts would be very welcome

Mythic Zyra Wip (league of legends Fanart) by Mona Skoog on Sketchfab

(Elbriga) #2

This is a georgous sculpt! Do you plan on texturing it? :smile:

(Mona Skoog) #3

absolutely :smile: i plan to make a Lowpoly with textures

(Elbriga) #4

great :smiley: can't wait to see the progress then :smile:

(Mona Skoog) #5

Pretty much done with sculpt :smile: next is LP

(Simon Kratz) #6

Wow, great sculpt! :smiley: I guess you're going for a LoL style for the textures as well? Looking forward to it : )
Also she looks t-posed so... you think about animating her? That would be amazing!