Mythological Creature round 2

(Pallavicini Daniele) #1

Hi, I see now this challenge and the 3d model that has won the first round is very amazing! I will try to retopology Arachne and do her with realistic textures. This is a really big challenge for me…I create only hard surface models like weapons and props.

Really compliments to: @toomanydemons
Based on “Arachne, Weaver of the Gods” by toomanydemons, licensed under CC Attribution.

(Pallavicini Daniele) #2

So here you can see my first update:

I’m doing the retopology With Topogun and I will create some lowpoly mesh in Maya (I’m trying to upgrade my skills with this software). Tomorrow I will continue the retopology.
Probably when I will have finished the retopology I will decide if add or subtract some polygons from the lowpoly mesh.

(Pallavicini Daniele) #3

Finally a new update…today I finished the spider parts, the face and a part of the clothes. Tomorrow I want to finish the retopology. Feedback are appreciated.

PS: Hands are so difficult to retopologize :frowning:

(Toomanydemons) #4

yes they are :expressionless:

(Pallavicini Daniele) #5

oooook. Yesterday I finished to do symmetrical parts…Today I retopologized all remaining parts of the body and fixed some quads…

(finished symmetrical parts)

(all the body is retopologized)

(head topology)

(hands topology)

Now I will create a lowpoly version of the remaining parts in Maya

(Pallavicini Daniele) #6

And finally…after days…retopology is finished!
This charachter is composed by 11’642 quad (23’206 tris).

(render in Marmoset Toolbag)

Next step: Unwrap! For this part I will use Headus UVLayout, a software that I’m studying for job. Next update soon!

(Pallavicini Daniele) #7

Highpoly VS Lowpoly version…thanks to @toomanydemons for the Highpoly model, it’s so cool!

(Toomanydemons) #8

Super awesome!! that’s looking great man! :sunglasses:

I can’t wait to see what you do for her colors. Have you decided on a mood yet?

(Pallavicini Daniele) #9

Really thanks! Your model remember me so much Queelag of Dark Souls 1…and I love Dark Fantasy mood…so…these are my inspirations :slight_smile: I’ll try to texture Arachne with realistic texture in Substance Painter! :smiley:

(Pallavicini Daniele) #10

I’m so sorry…I really have forgot a pair of legs! :sweat_smile:
I was ready to bake texture and…there was something of weird…

Well this is my first bake test for check UV quality…tomorrow NIGHT I will add the remaining pair of legs and then…I will run to finish the 3D model in time for the finish of the round ::frowning:

(Pallavicini Daniele) #11

Finally I finished the last pair of legs…this is the division I want to do for materials:

now…Let’s rush to bake and texturing!

(Pallavicini Daniele) #12

Aaand…after hours and hours of lag, crash, problems…maps are baked!

Tonight or tomorrow I will show you a fast moodboard of reference for texturing, than I will start to texturing! :smiley:
Probably I will not create a realistic texture, but I will try :wink:
Other update soon!

(Pallavicini Daniele) #13

Aand…Fast test with a Smart material to test UV and Baked maps xD

(Pallavicini Daniele) #14

Ok…I did some test for Spider body of Arachne…this is the result…Now start texture human skin and body…I prefer to upload a not really perfect and polished model than upload nothing…feedback are really appreciated! :wink:

(really fast rendering with Marmoset to test textures)

(Pallavicini Daniele) #15

My initial idea was to make her so scary but… @toomanydemons has created a so beautiful girl…so this is her face at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

(Toomanydemons) #16

The bake is looking nice! I can’t wait so see the end result :star_struck:

(Meee) #17

This look great!
What software are you using for texturing?

(Pallavicini Daniele) #18

Really thanks, I’m using Substance Painter and texturing by mixing fill layers creating by my self :slight_smile:

(Pallavicini Daniele) #19

Aaand STOP! for today I finished…tomorrow I will continue and finish all various parts…wednesday I’ll polish last details and publish the final model! :smiley:

(Pallavicini Daniele) #20

First today’s update! :smiley: