N-Sided polys not supported?


(Ndrakey) #1

Not much of an issue, but still annoying. Wondered if theres a fix planned on this !?

Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung by ndrakey on Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #2

Why dont you just triangulate your n-gons before uploading? I know for a fact that using the blender exporter it does triangulate all n-gons, although this might be happening on blender side prior to it sending the mesh data.

(Ndrakey) #3

Thanks for reply shaderbytes! I know triangulating will do but its annoying working on that triangulated models later on. My HDDs are full with triangulated stuff for 3d Printing. Its like having 100 different Versions of one and the same model for different purposes haha... :smile: Would be cooler if the staff could fix that.

(Shaderbytes) #4

Understandable , but like I mentioned thankfully I use blender and when using the sketchfab exporter plugin it does the triangulation only to the sent data , my model remains with n-gons in the scene :wink: So I dont need to have duplicates.