Naaru Ship Collapse

(Pelp3d) #1

Hi there

This is the first time I participate in a contest, I hope I can finish this in time. My idea is to creat a floating piece oforrupted land, with fel runes and rifts, where a Naaru ship has collapsed. There, a draenei will be fighting against infernals of the legion. He will be holding a shield and an ancient weapon, smashing a great infernal and turning him to green sparks and dust. I've chosen a draenei and a Naaru ship because they are colorful and it will make a contrast with the colours that mostly represent the legion: Black and green. I'm very excited about this contest and I hope it gets a good result. I'm attaching here a fast concept I did to show my idea in a better way.

Hope you like, and as always, all feedback will be welcome :slight_smile:

(Bart) #2

Welcome on board @pelp3d! Please subscribe to the main contest thread and remember that the deadline is already on August 22 :slight_smile:

PS: our forum does not support TGA files, I've converted it to JPG for you.


(Pelp3d) #3

Thank you very much Bart. I'm newbie here :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bart) #4

But not on Sketchfab :slight_smile: You have some pretty cool work in your gallery!

(Pelp3d) #5

Thanks Bart. I think I've just subscribed to the main thread. As i said, I'm not new in Sketchfab but I haven't participated in a contest before, so I hope I do everything right :stuck_out_tongue: I'll be updating this soon with 3D models.


Love the concept! Can't wait to see how it unfolds!

(Pelp3d) #7

After a few prototypes, I've created a model of the platform in which all the action will happen. It's still a WIP but it is close to the result I wanted to create. But before making more detail it's time to model the Naaru ship and the main character. I attach a link to my private model. As always, all feedback will be welcome :slight_smile:

(Pelp3d) #8

Naaru Ship WIP. The modeling and the texture are close to my idea, but there are many details that have to be added. I want to share this to get some feedback about the emmisive crystals, because I am working in the big crystal rocks to finish the main modeling of the ship. Hope you like it.

(Pelp3d) #9

Ok so I am fantastic and I have deleted the old private models and now the latest model I uploaded has overwritten the first one I did. I am a disaster... Well. I'm attaching here the link to the latest update I did. Hope you like it. It's time to start modeling the characters fighting.

(Michael Calvert) #10

How's this coming along?

(Pelp3d) #11

Hi Michael. Today I started prototyping the Draenei. I've made an armor volume to represent the pose of the character. I am very happy with the impression, but I have to work hard to finish this on time. Here I attach some screenshots of the Draenei armor.

(Pelp3d) #12

Having some trouble in those final days... I've been working on the draenei but I guess I won't be able to make as many details as I wanted to make... I joined this contest very late, but at least I'll try to have something to show in the end. Here's the draenei as it is right now. Today is the last day so I am gonna finish the Infernal and the Draenei's weapon, and if then I still have time I'll add as many details as I can. Hope you like it.

(Pelp3d) #13

Last day of work ( I thought it was yesterday). I joined this contest very late, specificly 11 days ago, and all I can say is that it has been an awesome challenge. I'm running out of time to get the result with as many details as I wanted, but at least I'm glad I have tried it and finished the main scene. Here I attach what I have. Yesterday I finished the infernal and today I'll just add as many details as I can. This afternoon I'll publish the result.

(Pelp3d) #14

The final piece here.