Names cut for texture files when downloading

Hello. I tried to download my own model but had a problem with the textures. It consists of 4 materials with different textures for each one but when I opened the ZIP I discovered the 4 Base Color, Roughness and Metallic had the same name (as in all the Base Colors all ended with 10 instead of 1001, 1002, 1003 and 1004, the same for every other map). The only one that exported normally were the Normal textures. All textures appeared on the ZIP but when I tried to unzip them obviously Windows asked me to replace or skip the file, and changing the name of just one also changed the name of the others. This is the link to the model

The names are kind of long so I don’t know if that’s what causing the problem, though it’s a standard Substance nomenclature so it shouldn’t malfunction like that… I obviously turned off the download so people can’t downlaod the broken textures. Is there a fix to this or is this a known problem?