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Navigating with GearVR and Samsung browser - how to question


(Tojek Vfx) #1

First I must say the Sketchfab App for gearVR works great, looks great, and is easy to navigate by pressing buttons to click through the annotation locations. Very impressive totally immersive feeling, and I wish I could get my models in there.

Instead I am trying to view my interior scans with Gear VR and the Samsung browser. It almost works, but really there is no way to navigate. What are those concentric circles that follow your gaze? How can I move from one annotation spot to the next. That would be a decent way to fly around the model. If you want to try, this is a simple interior scan that should work in VR.

Also, I did find the scale control in Webvr section of my model, and it was set to the number 2529. Is this meters or cm? I had scaled the model to accurate metric size in Maya before uploading. What part of my model is 2529? The longest length of the thing?

(Mauricesvay) #2

Hi @tojek_vfx

  • The concentric circles are your teleportation cursor. Point to a location then click to teleport there.
  • You can not interact with annotation in VR yet. We are still working on that, but it should be available soon.
  • By default, we autoscale the world so that the model fits in approximately 2m3. This gives a factor of 2529 for your model. You are encouraged to change the scale yourself. Like other VR engines, we recommend to use 1 unit = 1 meter. Your models looks good at 1000. Are you using 1000 unit = 1 meter?

(Tojek Vfx) #3

Hello Maurice,
I was thinking the circles should work as teleportation cursor, but they did not move for me. On GearVR I would gaze at a location, then hit the middle button hoping to travel there. Later today I will try this again, I know these things can be tricky.

Looking forward to annotations working in VR, that idea works.

In Maya I am working in default one unit = one centimeter, so that is 100 unit = 1 meter. The model is real world size, so about 3x7x7 meters. So you fit that larger model into a smaller box that is 2x2x2 meters. So I assume I will take your scale number/10, then multiply up by 7/2 to get an approximate scale number of 885?
I will try this out later, thank you for the response.

(Stephomi) #4

If the model is really world size and you work with m/cm/mm unit then you should just enter 1, 100 or 1000 in the sketchfab vr editor, but you shouldn't make any computation at all.

The scary room is 6000 unit in height, so either it's in mm or the scale is not real size and you have to set it visually.

Out of curiosity, how can you tell that the model is real world size?
As far as I know, scans produced from photos can't estimate distance properly, you'd need laser scanning for correct distance.

(Tojek Vfx) #5

Hello Stephomi,
Thank you for talking through this scale thing with me. I always import the scan data into Maya and give it real world scale in cm, and correct square position. I am confident my room model is 3x7x7 meters large, and my units are cm, meaning 100 units to a meter.

Then Maurice says Sketchfab calculated and chose a number 2529 units for a size of 2 meters squared.

What would you recommend I change the Sketchfab scale number to get to real world size?

Reading your message again, I will guess I should put in a value of 10?
Sincerely, Jon Tojek

(Stephomi) #6

If your units are in cm, you should put 100. If it's meter it should be 1.

Your model is 6000 unit high, so in cm it's 60 meters, so obviously something is wrong.
Did you an exporter or a manual upload?

(Tojek Vfx) #7

Hello Stephomi,
My model was scaled in Maya, then export out to OBJ, then manual upload to Sketchfab. Today I just saw in Sketchfab, 3D properties, and webVr tab the little human to help the artist choose the correct scale number. That is a great idea, perhaps add numbers and meter guides for accuracy. I will assume that person is 1.7 meters tall, then scale my room to 1200. Now if only I could put a positive number into that floor level spot, but it limits me to 0 or less.
Thank you, Jon Tojek

(Stephomi) #8

The human is ~1.75, (as said in the tips :slight_smile: )

If the floor is above the lowest point, you couldn't teleport/access some parts of your model then, so that's why we prevented the floor to be higher, but maybe we'll reconsider this decision.

Note that you don't have to put the human (inital vr camera position) on the floor, you can place it inside the model (by double-clicking ot using the gizmo).

The outer circle around the human is 1 exactly meter radius, the tiles on the floor are 1 meter too.

(Tojek Vfx) #9

That scale tool is working great now, thank you for the help!