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Navigation Problems

(Barnescreativestudios) #1

Hey Gang-- My model won't navigate left and right when I pull it either way. When I try and navigate either direction it goes up and down and won't spin around. How do I fix this? I know longer see the option to set orientation and when I click X it moves the orientation but navigation stays wonky. Here is the model:

(Han) #2

hey there

i tried your model and i can pull it left and right and rotate it correctly
i m using middle mous click and hold + mousemove to drag it
and right click hold + mousemove to rotate it

cool scan :smile:



You just need to adjust the 'Up-axis' in 3D Settings. It was a bit off 90° so it also needs the "Advanced rotation".


(Barnescreativestudios) #4

Hi James-
That link is not helping me. I am a noob so clueless and need more precise instruction. I keep altering stuff and get same results. When I try and rotate left and right it goes up and down.

(Simon Kratz) #5

Hey there!
I just tried your model on both my Windows 10 pc and my Android phone. Navigation works fine on both, too, using the controls @han described.
Maybe it's a hardware specific problem, can you tell us about the device you're using?


@barnescreativestudio - I made a video, I hope it helps: