Need 3d Model Made - Assistance!

I dont really know how much commissions really start out at, I dont have a great deal to spend for this personal project, but I thought I would see / start somewhere on getting an idea of this. I didn’t see a forum posts on the 101 to knows on “general commission cost”

I need a 3d model so I can print of Drum roll one of Jack Skellington’s Reindeer from Nightmare before Christmas! For years Ive been wanting the sleigh for Christmas props and really really do not want to carve them from my foam, ugh.
Again I dont know cost on commissions or anything so I wouldn’t need it to be complex - I have ability to break apart the end product as I need to fit in a pieced print. However if it wouldn’t affect the commission a great deal having the deer already broke apart / in a manner that I can print and put together so different deer would have different “stances” but again not necessary!

Any ways, Im not sure what else to put but heres to hope!

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Dear Ashley,

Maybe I can help you :blush: