Need 3d models for sci fi movie


(Womix) #1

im making a sci fi fulltime movie, and i need:
a model of battle robot (humanoid) for mocap
big space station
if some1 interested in this and want to join my team - add me in skype womix123

(Bart) #2

Can you please add more information, including information about payment?

(Womix) #3

This is not a commercial project, and we need someone who wants to try something new and see his result in a big project. We need people who want to reveal their talent and show it to others who want to earn a name and make a portfolio. In theory, we can pay for someone else’s services, but working for a couple of dollars and working from the heart will end up looking differently) if you are a professional and live on it, then it will not be interesting to you.