Need advice on how to reach and message to followers

(Skyie) #1

Hi everyone! First, I just want to proudly announce that we have surpassed 140 model uploads on Sketchfab!
I am a 3D Artist in Runemark Studio, a team of two creating game-ready 3D environment and props, as well as useful small tools for game developers who use Unity.
We use Sketchfab regularly to embed and show off our newest works on our website, marketplaces and social media. I think it is one of the best ways to show how the models will look and feel; it is engaging since the viewer can interact and not just a static image that looks beautiful from one angle.
However, I am a little bit unsure about how to broaden our target audience. I frequently follow people on social media whose interest might overlap with ours, but I would really love to hear some word from our Sketchfab followers too.
How could I reach out to people who are following my Sketchfab page and start a conversation with them?

(Nebulousflynn) #2

Hi @skyie - here are some tips from personal experience:

  • Post new & unique 3D regularly (I think you already do that)
  • invite people to leave comments in your, leave comments on work you like
  • like other people’s work and follow more users yourself (look up users by category using our user search)
  • make collections that include other people’s work e.g. ‘Inspiration’ or ‘My Favourite Game Models’ - whatever you’re into!
  • share projects and workflows on the forum, reply to forum posts and shares
  • be genuine, avoid spam and ‘copy paste’ interactions in all of the above

It really depends on what your end goal is - I suggest you don’t focus solely on getting more followers etc., try to be the kind of Sketchfab user that you wish other people to be :slight_smile: