Need an artist for somthing big pleas

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Hi, my name is Ricky and i just got messages some sad news. "Hey question. My friends son passed away. He really loved pikachu. They want to make a 3D pikachu headstone. Any ideas of where to look for ideas for them?" and i want to help but im not a good anough artist. If anyone thinks they could help with this pleas send reply right away. They have a picture and idea of a piciture sleeping on a pokeball, with wings. This is the only websight i know thats full of 3D artists. Uploading...

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I dont know if this is normal to post but i had to try.

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I can try to help if you like.
Just share a picture, so more people can get involved into this.

How old was he?

Heres a good reference:
Pichu or pikachu?

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Pikachu, and yes! Ill post the pic as well.

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It's totally fine, I hope you'll get some good help for your friend!