Need help about my sketchfab pro sub ~


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I did write an email 2 days ago . But I haven't got any reply yet .. so I will post here.

I order one month Sketchfab pro subscription because I need private model mode so I can show to my clients
And I got the pro in the first day, so I cancel the renew on paypal becasue I want to pay monthly (depends on situation). And my pro got canceled in the next day ...

I already checked with paypal, they said the transaction was successful. So I dont know what is going on ....

Can someone check this for me ? I need private model mode ASAP

Besides that, I would like to ask for a year free subscription free because I was a user. (I mentioned that also in my email )

Thanks !


Sorry about that! I just upgraded you.

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Hello @james

Is there a reason why my free year subscription got canceled ?
It was still there few days ago ....

Its really annoying if I can not do private modeling for my job ...

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James is not in the office today so he can't look in to it for you. But I've added one month of PRO to your account so you can at least do your work.

@james can you handle this when you're back next week?

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Hi @bartv i am still not having the PRO .. anything wrong ?

(Bart) #6

Hmm, could you try again please?

(Gy Zero) #7

got it thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry about all that. You should be good for the next year.