Need help/advice with blender sculpting/armature


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Hi, I’m new here and fairly new to blender. I’ve started using it about 3 weeks ago and have been working on a 3d model for about 2 weeks.
(I’ll add pictures later)
Now I’m pretty much done and wanted to add an armature to pose it.
Tried everything, didn’t work.
The i figured it’s because the pieces were just joined together and not merged.
Downloaded the sculpting tool to use the “unite” function.
And here is where i need help.
I have already added materials to color it.
Is there a way to apply/merge the material to/with the objects so they stay where they are?
Or do i have to remove them, merge the objects together and then somehow color it in again? Does it even work that way? I don’t know how to do it and I’m just testing everything out and work with tutorials on youtube and such.

Thanks in advance!


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Some more:

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Hi there :slight_smile:
that’s quite an impressive model for just 3 weeks of learning.

You don’t need to merge the objects together. Add your armature and then select all the objects which you like to move with the bones and then select the armature and press ctr+p and click with automatic weight.

Do you know Mixamo? Thats a very powerfull autorigger directly in your browser. The downside is you don’t learn how to rigg but it’s impressive how fast you can breath in live in your model.


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Thanks a lot!!
It worked pretty much great. Except that the hair and hands somehow didn’t connect to when I move something, they stay still.
But I guess I can figure it out, at least everything else works!!

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you can go in weight paint mode to set up the amount of influence of the bone for every vert. That would be the fine tuning. You can go to weight paint mode with tab … like changing between object and edit mode.

For the hands i dont know exactly what the propper solution is. For that i have to look over your shoulders to see what you are doing wrong.
Are you sure that the hand is selected. Make sure that every object is highlighted with a orange color (a small orange rim around the object) then select the bones (after selecting those, they should have a bright yellow border) and then press ctr+p

If you are doing everything right it should work.
If you want i can have have a look at the model just send me the .blend file and i will check if i can find the problem :slight_smile:
Just let me know

Mhhh i just looked closer at your pictures and it seems everything was select correctly.
I would suggest to send me the .blend and i’ll check it real quick and tell you what to do.

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The best means to handle loose geometry or objects in blender for rigging is actually to separate them first… In saying this Armature modifiers are more useful then parenting. You can still select weight from bones in the menu when using an armature modifier. Like for example a backpack or hair or hat etc…

So add a armature modifier to the base main mesh , then select weight from bones.

Now for the loose parts. You simply assign the same armature modifier then you use the transfer weights option to transfer the weights from the main mesh to the loose object. Their are several tricky options when doing weight transfer. like the algorithm or the lookup / laying types etc.

But hands down this is the best method , tried and tested!

Look at these two models. It is one character with two different skins:

The main body was done via automatic weights from bones ( also a modifier , not parenting )

After this when creating different parts like a dress or a gun belt , those parts are loose. They each have an armature modifier pointing to the same armature , and their weights were done using the transfer weights method explained above.

Notice the gun belts on the hips and torso in the first skin, how well they move with the main body. Not perfect , you could do some manual tweaking but this result is achieved with a few clicks which is pretty good. I can assure you if those objects were part of the mesh when you tried to use automatic weighting , they would not have worked out so well as this.

I actually have this model as an example for my sketchfab utility examples on codepen. So you can see the various objects listed and hide or show them, for example click to hide “body” and look at all the loose parts animating :wink: very freaky.

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did’t know that :smiley:

i think i have to go back to the drawing board to try this out ^^

thanks you for the info