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Need help displaying liquid inside of a glass object

(Rhgrafix) #1

Today I uploaded a hummingbird feeder :hourglass_flowing_sand: with nectar inside, I need tips on how to get the nectar to not look like Pepto Bismol or a strawberry smoothie! I'm using PBR, glass is very transparent, high specular, white; nectar is red albedo, low transparency, I played with the settings for glass and nectar for an hour and could not get a rich, red color for nectar, tried different lights etc. There has to be someone who has made a test tube of green toxic elixir, a glass of beerski, a lollipop in a clear plastic wrapper, somebody knows how to do this, who can show off their deep knowledge to an amateur SketchFabber?
~ View model here ~
Please let me know if there's a better section to post this.
Thanks much! :bird:

(Bart) #2

This is not a direct answer to your question, but perhaps this transparency tutorial can offer some help?

(Rhgrafix) #3

Thanks much! I'll give it a try,