Need Help for Import STL or OBJ file

Hey everyone,
Im new in Sketchfab and i don’t know how to import differents pieces of an structures. For explain, I made a tree who contains 4 pieces : a Trunc with their branch, Leefs, the ground and some scriptures. So i have 4 files in .STL and each ones has his one .OBJ files. When I import them to sketchfab, only one appear and i can’t find the another. How can I do for getting the 4 parts on the model and can modify their colors or materials ?

I hope you will understand and help me, if you need more explication just answer my topic and i will respond.


Florian Girault

If I understand correctly - then you need to join together the 4 pieces of the model before uploading. Once they are all combined to form one mesh then you can upload it as one model. (As far as I am aware you can’t upload different meshes into the same model on sketchfab).

Once the model is uploaded you can then select the textures/materials tab and either upload textures or just use a base colour from the colour selection tab. Or you can use a zip file with your textures and model to upload in one go.