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Need help for mobil

(Ozgurkeysan) #1

When ı try open my big models my Phone not open big models. Why. What can ı do ?

(Chaitanyak) #2

phones will be limited by the amount of ram available.
Since theres really nothing one can do about increasing ram.. other than getting a new phone.. I'd suggest optimising your models.

If you could share a couple of the models your trying to view, we can give some suggestions.

(Chaitanyak) #3

just had a thought,
you could try freeing up atleast 2gb of space on your phone and seeing if that helps at all..

in case your on android have a look at this article -

it details how to free up ram by disabling certain apps
it describes how to use an app called Roehsoft RAM Expander that checks if you have a compatible sd card and then turns it into a usable RAM expansion.

Note: i have not tried this app on my current device since it has no sd card.

(Fredlucazeau) #4

Is there anything changed on the sketchfab platform?
Since last week, models don't load anymore on my android mobile: 3D/Webgl contect error
I have updated chrome to the latest version and no change.
I still have the same amount of memory and it occurs even on smal model !

(Stephomi) #5

I don't know what cause the webgl context error, but it should be better on next release.

Also, always provide an url of a model, otherwise we can't debug or pinpoint the issue.

(Tre Ma Co) #6

I think the reason is the androidsystem. When I load the PC-version of the modelsite there is no trouble.

(Chaitanyak) #7

actually have had good results on androids with 3gigs of ram.
even my old nexus 5 with its 2 gigs of ram loads up models with bloom and other effects.. if its an optimised model.

(Tod Adkins) #9

I'm worried because I have a project for a client and it might be seen on mobile sites.

Last night I was testing on my old S4 samsung and it wasn't loading most of the models on sketchfab and often had issues.

I tried 3 different browsers but mostly it wasn't working well, regardless of how low poly or small the textures were on models I tested from around the site. I often had the webgl error, and only rarely got the pre rendered turn table.

On a similarly powered iPhone 5 it took a while but sketchfab loaded most of the models sans the highest poly ones.

What is a realistic expectation in this regard? What should my polycount and texture ceiling be? Is there a way to force a turntable and not load the 3D version if mobile is detected? What about a user defined still?

Kind of in a panic about it TBH because I already assured the client things would be fine, but was testing on my galaxy note and other tablets, not phones before (dumb of me).


It's really hard to give a specific answer because it completely depends on the model and the phone. Older phones simply don't have the hardware/software to display WebGL content reliably.

You can find some general performance info here: