[need help] how to convert my baked non-liner deformer animation to blendshape animation?

I have a scene in maya, there is a water plane which got non-liner wave deformer.
after key some animation by deformer, I also bake simulation it before export, until it seems like these vertices all have information in itself.

But sadly, after uploaded, I found that the animation of this water-plane can not be show in sketchfab

Then, I found .abc could work, but as my scene have a lot other stuff, the .abc export file is tooo large(>1Gb) ToT … so this road also stucked.

Now, I think, maybe I could use blendshape to upload my water wave animation, and it maybe also not too large file size?

But I don’t know is this some way to convert these baked animaiton (it seems these key information in some cache?) in to blendshape way.

or, Is there some more efficent way to let my water animation shown after uploaded?

Really Hope could get some help/tip
also sorry for my not good express and pooor 3d skill.

Thank you!

Maybe something in this tutorial could be pertinent?


Sorry for I just log in forum and just found your reply!so kind and useful! I quickly viewed this tutorial just now, I found there are some important knowledge for handle my questaion, I will read and test deeply based on it, Meanwhile, I must say Thank you James, You really help me a lot recently! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: