Need help on exporting simple 3DS MAX scene with animation to Sketchfab

Total newbie to Sketchfab but more or less know 3DS MAX. I’m kind of lost on how to export a simple model with animation from MAX to Sketchfab. I am using MAX 2020 and have installed the latest Sketchfab script. After reading the online materials available for this I’m still rather lost so I must be misunderstanding some step because the model is uploaded but the animation doesn’t get uploaded to Sketchfab. Here is my current workflow in MAX connecting to a free Sketchfab license so that I can try out the system…

  1. Create a simple object (box, sphere, etc.)
  2. Animate the object with keyframes (scale, rotation, position)
  3. Export scene as .FBX with Bake Animation on
  4. Run Sketchfab script and check the “Animation” button
  5. In the Sketchfab exporter give model a name and click on Publish the selected objects…
  6. Model gets exported to Sketchfab. I can open the model but there is no animation.

Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Hmm… Why are you baking animation? I did a test a few months ago, by just exporting animation with some cubes rotating and flying around. No baking included and it worked like a dream
EDIT: Just tried again and it still works. Try uploading this file:
These are my settings for exporting:

Thanks Warkarma:

I tried it and same thing, no animation. Here is what I did…

I opened the FBX file in Max, and went straight to Publish to Sketchfab by clicking on “Publish all objects…” with Animation Checked. It forced me to save it as a MAX file before publishing. After waiting for a while I opened the model on and…there was the cube but with no animation. What am I doing wrong?

Are you using some export plugin? Because I am just exporting FBX from max and uploading it on Sketchfab by hand

Oh! By hand!! I get it now. Up to now I have been trying to use the downloaded 3DS Max plugin for Sketchfab, which by the way never made sense to me because it never asks for the saved FBX file. So, I tried uploading via the UPLOAD button on the Sketchfab website and the animation worked. I don’t see the object colors (everything white) but I’ll figure that out later. As long as I can get the animation to work I’m happy.

Can anyone explain how to properly use the Sketchfab script from within Max?

There is good stuff at Sketchfab help center.

or even more at:
I am not sure how to use the max script, since I have never even heard about one :smiley:

This is the 3dsMax Sketchfab exporter that I can’t figure out how to use so that it exports animations along with the models. Anyone know how to use it correctly?

I apologize if this is an obvious question, but on your 3DS Max FBX Export Options…do you have the Animation Box selected and the correct Frame Range entered?

Yes, settings are correctly set on the “manual” FBX export directly to the Sketchfab web page. I figured out that I COULD export the model WITH the animation if I exported manually. Since I’m new to this I didn’t know I could do this manually. The problem is with the Sketchfab plugin. It does not export any animation from my Max 2020 program, even if I have checked the ANIMATION box.

It does say its for versions 2012 - 2019. Could it be the case there your Max is no supported any more?
Have you tried a different version of Max?
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