Need help uploading my Model


(Kagu Kin) #1

Hey, I'm a Digital Games student and I've just finished my first 3d model with texture, and I'd like to upload it to this page.

However I'm using Maya 2017 and the exporter won't work (I tried downloading the 2016 one, but I guess there's been some big changes between the two programs)

Also I can't figure out where to find the files to upload by doing it manually, the uploader won't recognize my Maya file and I can't find any of the other options I have for exporting on the supported file list.

I feel like I'm just missing something very obvious here but I'm getting tunnelvisioned and can't really figure it out, if you know what I'm doing wrong or know what I need to do please tell me.

Thank you all in advance

(Antoine Bassin) #2

To do this manually with Maya, you need to export your scene to an .fbx or an .obj.
Then, drag your 3d file and your textures files into Sketchfab and it's done :wink:

(Kagu Kin) #3

Thanks man, that's exactly what I was looking for.
I must have missed them when I was reading through the supported file list

(Fab Starbolt) #4

I’ve been doing this with a model recently, but every time I try to preview the model, an error message comes up saying, something went wrong with the upload. What problems would Sketchfab have with the model to cause an error like that to happen? I’m using an FBX file.


The first thing that comes to mind is that it is an FBX with NURBS instead of meshes, or an FBX that contains no geometry at all.

Can you post a link to one of the failed uploads? What software are you using?

(Fab Starbolt) #6

Let me know if the link doesn’t work. It’s coming out of Maya 2016 on MacOSX. I’ve been using a windows version of Maya for part of the work as well. I’ve tried the Sketchfab exporter plugin and uploading to the site directly.