Need help with blender text font


(Dogtorque) #1

Hello I need some help! I use blender for my 3d modeling and I noticed that whenever I upload my models to here on sketchfab it says that the font for the text Object is not supported! could someone tell me what font is supported so that I the 3d text would be visible in sketchfab?

(Shaderbytes) #2

text in blender is a curve , you need to convert the curve to actual geometry. You can use the shortcut ALT C and then select mesh from curve.

Before you convert you can also make adjustments to the curve in the curve inspector like how much detail you want. In many cases and especially with smaller fonts of simple shaped fonts this can be reduced quite a bit from the default.

(Dogtorque) #3

Okay I'll try that. and Thank you for the quick response.