Need help with transparency

(riki) #1

The label "Jusine a La Baule" is not displaying correctly. There should be no white rectangle around the red text. The white part should be fully transparent. This label is uploaded as a PNG along with a corresponding MTL.

Can anyone help me make my label transparent?

I am also getting an error about "new users cannot write links in posts", which prevents me from being able to provide a link to my 3D model.

@stephomi Saw you helped with transparency in another thread. Perhaps you might know something.

(Stephomi) #2

In the editor:
- tab materials
- select the text material (you can double click on 3d viewport to select the correct material)
- go in channel Transparency
- assign the correct texture on the channel (artwork_for_canvas....)
- (make sure the format texture is set to "Alpha", not "Luminance")

(riki) #3

Problem solved. Thank you Sketchfab.