Need Sketchfab in AR app. Which one works and how, HELP!

(V Klein) #1

Didn't u partner up with Augment for bringing Sketchfab Models into their AR App?
Can't find a thing about it now !!!. Does any app works with Sketchfab-content?


As far as I know, we've never had a partnership with Augment.

No AR apps use Sketchfab for content delivery yet, but it's definitely something we're working on!

(Ruffy) #3

Would Love this feature.


Ok, so, I am getting into AR heavy as well... Here is the issue I see, the .obj file and .mtl file need to be combined before uploading ( I use Junaio), I can't remember how to combine them though, any suggestions?


@reisponsive - You can upload a ZIP, RAR, or 7z archive with the OBJ + MTL [ + textures ] together.

Right now, we have this experiment:

(Cognition) #6

not sure how this is supposed to work? or with what app?

(Ulisses) #7


How to use the AR in the experiment above?


I think it only works in Chrome right now.

(Bumbo) #9

Hi James, i have also used AR on sketchfab before, i linked a pic to the model through a QR code generator and used my phone with the app to scan the image and boom the model comes to life!! why cant i find anything about this anymore?


Here you go:

(Matteol) #11

Hi James, are there any kind of mobile AR app which works with a cloud database of Sketchfab 3d models? Thanks for your time! Matteo


There are some experiments floating around, but nothing public or robust yet.