Need support about animation multi takes


(2 Pi) #1

Hi. I'm currently using 3dsmax 2016 with fbx multi takes script.(

i have got 3 animation takes.

first animation 0 -60 frame range
second animation 60-120 frame range
third aniamtion 120 -140 frame range

after fbx upload i have got 3 animation on animation section on sketchfab..but problems begin,

first animation playing correct frame range(0-60) but second and third animation playing wrong frame range. when i press second and third animation on sketchfab playing with blank frames and start.

How can i fix this?

Need advice..


(Waleguene) #2

Hi @2Pi,

We are currently having issue with animation durations and we are working on a fix (see

Your issue should be fixed when the fix is live, we will keep you in touch.


(Waleguene) #3

Hey @2Pi,

Just to let you know that the fix is live so you should be able to get the expected result after having reuploaded your model :slight_smile:
Thanks for reporting!

Have a nice day,