Need your feedback

Hello. I’m at a standstill and do not know how to improve my art. So I came here with hope, that your feedback ,and may be an advice, will help me to move forward. Here is my recent model:

This is the scene that I made up with a character from Warcraft, Sylvanas Windrunner. After she was a banshee(basically a ghost) for a while, ,she finally has a chance to possess her own body

The scene looks interesting :+1: Maybe add few more visual objects to variate it a little more.
I think, you need to work on textures. The ground looks very flat and the coffin/box looks too shiny for a corroded and damages over time

I agree with the previous comment. The scene feels a bit plain as there is not a lot going on, maybe a few plants on the ground, perhaps some ivy and dirt on the coffin to show that time progressed, also working a little on texture of the coffin, because like warkama mentioned, it’s just way to clean for your scenario.

Another thing is the lighting.While Darkness works in this scene, it shouldn’t be too dark, as it’s easy to miss out details that could help telling your story.Lighting will also help emphasizing your focus, but i will talk about that a little later. I see that you already choose a blueish tone, which works perfectly fine in your case, but it needs just small percentage of a warm tone, which could come from e.g. small fireflies, or some lighting orb between the models that shows they are about to merge idk.

about the focus and composition, it is , again, important to keep in mind what you’re trying to tell. On sketchfab, its possible to turn your artwork around, but wether its a rendered image or not the viewer should get a clear first impression, at least im my opinion. In your case, the soul already drags a lot of our focus because it is the brightest element, but bcause of your camera offset, this effect is weakened, so you could put the models more in the center. TIP: Rewatch your artwork after a few days and try notice where your eyes are wandering of, you will see what i mean. here are some links that could help your story telling:

Blenderguru Artcritique series:

CGBoost has also a few artcritiques worthwhile watching, you can give it a try

bguru has also videos about the understanding of color etc. Even today i keep rewatching those artcritiques for tips for my work.
At last, sketchfab has a handful but powerful filters that can boost the impact.You can play with these.
But this is an interesting concept for an artwork

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Thank you, guys. Very appreciate your comments.

I have had thoughts about filling scene with more stuff.I was afraid that this would distract from the main point of the scene, the interaction of these two characters(or one, but in different states). But now, after you have noted this, I agree that the scene as a whole is pretty blank.

About a camera view I am not sure which angle is better. Cause my intention was to emphasize interaction between ghost and her body.
In any case, I will check the videos that you proposed and return to my model with a new look.

Thanks again.

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