Need your knowledge, dear SketchFab Guru!


(Konstantin) #1

Hello, dear SketchFab.
Its not so much SketchFab question, as 3ds max one.
I have that terrible seams in 3ds max model:

But in another applications there are some functions, that hide that seams, for example:

And what is the ANALOG in 3DS MAX?
In the name of science, i need the unswer)) Help me please, if you know!


Maybe @waleguene or @klaasnienhuis can help.

(Klaasnienhuis) #3

Looking at this model: and inspecting the texture I can see that some borders of the texture are extended beyond the UV space. This is good as it gives you a bit of margin in case the texture and UV space don’t line up exactly. However, some edges (the ones which touch the border of the image) don’t have this margin.
Max doesn’t seem to have a built-in function to fix this. There’s the possibility to tile and mirror the texture, but there’s no clamp option as far as I know.

(Konstantin) #4

Thank you, dear klaasnienhuis!
But i already fixed that problem. And, you are right, that was the problem! I made padding on all the edges and got nice result in 3ds Max)