Needing help with animation upload as a fbx file


(Omochalaroo) #1

So, i have a fbx upload that has two things animated in seperate groups on the dope sheet
one includes a armature to allow for animation for my character and one is for a coin that i want him to flick and balance and then pass it back down into his palm.

now the animation works perfectly in blender.
but when i upload it to sketch fab i am presented with "three" animation groups, one plays the animation of only the character, one plays the animation of the coin,and the third one groups them all and makes the armature of the character take the place of the coin so the model just jumps all over the damn place.

when uploading a fbx, what should i do if my items arent all connected to the armature?


How's the result if you upload the .blend file directly?