Needs help with baking procedural material into texture to upload to sketchfab

Hi guys,

I am a newbie and as a newbie I have an issue as following. I want to upload a model to sketchfab from blender but I am not sure how to bake procedural material into texture.

Specifically, I have a model of a snake that i made its scale with procedural materials and the upper scale and body scale are two different procedural materials. In blender, they are all part of one big mesh but the two materials are in different material slots (and they are also part of a bigger mesh, a manticore). So how can I bake the procedural materials just for the two scales?

Similarly, how do i bake procedural materials for eyes?

And lastly, how about the particles systems? I made this beautiful mane for the manticore but how can i bake it into texture to upload?

Here is the link for the model of the manticore:



Hope you can help me with this,


@shaderbytes @nomadking help?

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I don’t know enough about baking in Blender to know where to start… sorry!

But for particles, perhaps this blog might help:


Ah yes thanks for the link :+1:

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So you want to know how to bake material if i understand correctly in blender ?
Here is how you can do it:

  1. Create a new, empty Texture

  2. On every material you want to be baked, add a new texturenode with the empty texture.Doesn’t need to be linked, but must be selected to tell blender where texture must be baked

  3. Blender EEvee doesn’t support baking yet, so you need to be in cycles render mode to do that.

  4. Under Renderproperties-> Bake, select your baking type( Diffuse, normal, etc).

  5. If you made a single UV and you want everything on the same image, then under bake -> output disable clear image

  6. before baking, set render samples to something like 1 to 5, otherwise baking time will take too long

  7. Save the image before you make a new one

Not sure about the hair though. For hair I’d either recommend handpainted textured planes, or something like this

and on particlesystem, make it use object instead.

Maybe there is a better solution though


Thank you for the link, I will see if i can use it for the hair particles or not.

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That is great, i will try what you suggest. Btw, do you have any suggested tutorial that I can follow as I have everything in a single UV and like 6 slots of different materials for the same big mesh?

About the hair, i think i will use hair card since using hair particles to convert to mesh would cost hundred of thousand tris. I just hate it when you spend so much time trying to comb the hair and it is not even usable in other engines.

Thank you for time.

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Short but in my opinion relatively easy to follow

Beginner guide to baking textures from grant abbit. A much more in depth tutorial series:

is for blender 2.7 but also works in the latest version of blender, also from grant abbit:

Since its one object with multiple materials slots, blender will automatically look through all of them and baking needs to be done only once. just be sure to disable clear image if you want a single texture and that every material includes at least one texture node that points to the new texture you created


Thank you so much, that is everything i need. I will follow the tutorial and apply it to my model.