Neltharion's Heart!

(Cristian Villalobos) #1

Hello everyone!

I will be working on a place known as "Neltharion's Heart/Murloc's Paradise". It would take place in one of the new dungeons, the one known as "Neltharion's Lair". I did some research and it seems to be the place in which Neltharion used to habit before it became Deathwing (according to WoWPedia).

This would be the place in which players would be able to upgrade their weapon into a fire/lava looking weapon after defeating the last boss in the dungeon.

"A gigantic anvil, known as Neltharion's Heart, made out of a thousand dragon scales. The anvil is suspended by huge chains and is infinitely pouring lava!
Lava/fire Murlocs enjoy having parties and looking up to the anvil like some sort of God! Little they know that the anvil is one of the few anvils that carry the strongest powers in the world!"

I will post a sketch soon as I am not so good with words haha! And sorry if I am not getting the lore correctly hardcore WoW fans! I haven't played WoW since the Burning Crusade!

Edit: polished the whole idea one last time before starting to work on the concept art :grin:!
Edit#2: changing the idea a bit more to make it less serious lol. RwlRwlRwlRwl...etc etc.
Trying to make a submission that is more on the funny side of Blizzard's style.

(Michael Calvert) #2

Looking forward to the sketches!


Like the verbal image, can't wait for the sketches too!

(Cristian Villalobos) #4

Did a quick sketch so I can start modeling right away! :grin:

(Cristian Villalobos) #5

Let the wips begin! :smiley:

Getting some basic shapes down!

(Cristian Villalobos) #6

(Cristian Villalobos) #7

Starting to look like a rollercoaster now! Hurray...!(?)

(Cristian Villalobos) #8

Quick animation blocking :smiley:

(Cristian Villalobos) #9

Murloc sort of looking thing :smiley:

(Michael Calvert) #10

(Cristian Villalobos) #11

Will probably change the idea a bit and make the whole idea a lot more humorous. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cristian Villalobos) #12

Changed the rails a bit to make it look more cartoony, and playing around with grass a bit!

(Cristian Villalobos) #13

Adding more and more things! Still a lot of to do! :smiley:

(Cristian Villalobos) #14

Decided to upload an image with some annotations in case anyone is confused hahaha! :slight_smile:
Still lots to do!!! :grin:

(Michael Calvert) #15

AH OK! That helps a lot with planning.

(Cristian Villalobos) #16

New houses!

(Khangarooart) #17

This looks great! Fun concept :smiley:

(Cristian Villalobos) #18


(Cristian Villalobos) #19

Added a couple of cranes, changed the chains a bit,added some trees, and other items. Will model a monster tomorrow, fix all the models that need fixing, and do retopology.

Got a lot more ideas to make the scene funnier :smiley: ! They will be surprise though!

I will also see if I can learn how to sculpt in 1 day and sculpt+texture+etc for the next days haha!

Goodnight everyone! :grin:

(Cristian Villalobos) #20

Time to do some retopology, fix some modesl, and then learn how to sculpt haha! :grin: