NergalBlackSun's Bird of Hermes [WIP]

(Nergal Black Sun) #1


I am still working on the details of this concept and most is subject to change and will get refined along the way so I will pass on revealing any plans at the moment.

For now I'll just show off the base on which I'll start adding several figures and details piece by piece.
I went for an open island like setup instead of a closed room making it possible look at from several different perspectives.The only feature already added to the island is a tree (on the left) and black/white circles- none of it fulfills any purpose as of now but we'll see in future updates

Good luck everyone !


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Interesting idea with the perspectives. Have fun!


Just wanted to drop by to let you know that the deadline has been extended to Monday November 14th, 23:59 EST, just in case you aren't subscribed to the contest news thread.

Good luck!

(Nergal Black Sun) #4

a little WIP update and I think I will upload a WIP model aswell soon-ish