Neverending Story - Artax death scene

(Swevenzre) #1

This is such a cool premise!

As my subject I'll do the scene from the Neverending Story in the Swamp of Sadness (because apparently I needed more sadness in my life, this scene traumatised me as a kid)


(Ally Albon) #2

Noooooo! I still haven't recovered from this scene! I can't even rewatch that video.
You could do some wonderful stuff with this, perhaps the ancient turtle island in the background.... could be so much fun! You will need to model a box of tissues to go along with it though.



I'm sure this will be even more traumatizing inside of the scene!

(Bart) #4

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We'll be in touch :slight_smile:

(Swevenzre) #5

I can't figure out how to upload videos for some reason, so here's a screenshot of the scene (before it turns really sad)

I decided to go with a different workflow than my usual, so I'm starting in zBrush! I haven't sculpted from a sphere in forever so it's pretty fun.
I'm not going for a photorealistic style, more semirealistic.
Here's a look at Artax!

(Swevenzre) #6

Having the turtle island in the background could be really fun! I'll see if I can incorporate it :smiley:

(Mhazani) #7

Great job! His eyes... It's like he knows what's going to happen... ARTAX, NO!!!!:slight_smile: