New 3D scanner I've developed, Lite Studio: all in one photo studio and 3D scanner

(Iontrades) #1

We launched our Kickstarter project to make a few of our 3D scanning platforms.

I came at 3D scanning from an ecommerce point of view. I needed a platform for both product photography and for 3D scanning antiques I come across. I came up with this, a platform to do everything we need in a compact package. It has lots of features: a programmable turntable with interchangeable turntables, under lighting, an infinity wall for pure white backgrounds, integrated lighting, and doors to close objects off from the environment, to name a few.

I'm really happy with it, I've been testing with the various photogrammetry programs and it works with all we've tried. We are working on some upgrades, last week we tested using a usb microscope and it worked, future developments include laser scanning and a carousel for scanning hanging items.

It will come with either a Nikon or Canon adapter cord, to integrate the shutter with the turning of the table.

If your interested in an automated photogrammetry platform please check out our Kickstarter project.

Thanks for reading.