New account made when resetting password

I have a scientist account for my project, and I can’t log into it. When I tried to reset the password, it sent me a password reset link. Then I reset the password, and it sent me an email telling me to confirm my new account. I did, and it made me an account just like my old one but with “1” after the username. I deleted that account, and now when I try to log in using that same email, it fails, and when I reset the password, it doesn’t send anything. When I try to log in with google, it says that this email is already associated with an account.
Anyway, all I want to do is to log into my original account. Not the one it made when I reset my password.
Any help is appreciated and details of account name can be provided upon request.
By the way, I’m logged into my personal account now since I cannot log into my project account.

Sounds very odd. You should probably email support directly about this from the email address you where trying to log into when this all happened: