New baking and exporting to SketcFab capabilities in SimLab Composer

(Simlab) #1

We are glad to announce a new direct exporter from SimLab Composer to SketchFab (on windows and mac)

Tutorial for using the new SketchFab exporter:

SimLab Composer supports building scenes from 3D models of different file formats.
It also supports texture baking those models in few clicks.

Check how easy it is to texture bake models in SimLab Composer in the following tutorial:

(Bart) #2

Hi @simlab,

sweet! That was quite a (pleasant!) surprise for us. If there's anything you need help with, please just let us know. Also, if you have an online community of users we'd be happy to do something extra for them!

PS: I've edited your post so the tutorials show inline.

(Simlab) #3

We updated the exporter to use oAuth, so now it is easier and more secure for users to upload models.

(Simlab) #4

SimLab Composer 6.1.11 was just released, the new version supports exporting Animation directly to Sketchfab.

Animations and Simulations created in SimLab Composer can now be shared easily on SketchFab

Latest version of SimLab Composer with animation support for Sketchfab can be downloaded from the following link