New Camera Behavior

(Cryunreal) #1

You need make opportunity for remove of f.... stupid smoother camera movement!!! This latency makes discomfort.


Sorry, I don't understand. Can you elaborate?

(Cryunreal) #3

Sure. Now the camera moves very smoothed, and this smoothing consist of fullscreen / not fullscreen.
I want remove this smooth movement.

pay attention to the behavior of the camera:

enter link description here


Ah, so you don't like the camera easing?

This was a pretty fundamental design decision of our viewer, and I don't think we will change the behavior any time soon.

(Cryunreal) #5

Is it really so hard?))) I thing that around 3 hours of work of one programmer...

(Cryunreal) #6

What do you think about that??? :confused:


Nice mock-up!

It's not really an issue of developer time, which might not take that long, as you said. Rather, it's a matter of priorities and product roadmap. Decisions often take longer than development :smile:

That said, we always take this kind of feedback into account when improving Sketchfab. We're good listeners, but nothing happens overnight!

(Cryunreal) #8

all my efforts are futile ... :sob:

(Mauricesvay) #9

No they are not :wink:

We read all feedbacks and consider them. We've heard about the camera smoothing a couple of times already. We've actually reduced the smoothing a few weeks ago. However, people seem to prefer a smoother experience from the feedback we have. We might fine tune this behavior in the future, but I can't promise anything.