New Fantasy Game in Development

(Sculpt Mike) #1

Hi there SketchFab members!
I am currently working with a ned 3D Fantasy game, for the moment I'm working alone.

Therefore, I wondered if any of you know Unity and will help to code the game. I have extensive experience in design, I put my soul in the game and will complete the development of this game. If anyone wants to try the game in Pre Alpha I will send it with Wetransfer.

If you want to help the game keeps all options open. If you find this project as exciting as I do, please write back to me! I'm looking for a group of people who will work together with me. For more information about game development write to me. I'll send you more information.

Best Regards
Mike Andrew

(Chaitanyak) #2

so did you ever find anyone to partner with on the game?