New feature: 3D Scan to Game Asset automatically

(Magadan) #1

Its possible to sketchfab dev team put a feature to automatic transform 3D Scan models into a Game Assets ?

For example, reducing polygons with Quad retopology and make automatic projection of textures.

This will be a very good feature for fast production, after, in a near future we can select assets with a Sketchfab plugin directly on Game Engine, like UNREAL and Unity 3D. Like a live market place but from our collections. The Download button with the option "Download as a Game Asset".

Recommendations of source codes to implement in server level:

And is possible to use blender running without gui, with yours built-in retopo tools in a linux server with python scripts to make this process as a server task in background.

Here a video with blender easy retopo features:

Its possible to run this tasks by a script.

Example: blender --background --python


(Simon Kratz) #2

Though I appreciate the idea it's probably not what the devs have in mind for Sketchfab. Converting 3d models with the functionality you described is not an easy task and there probably won't be a one-click solution for all possible cases of use. I think it needs a dedicated tool and Sketchfab is mostly a viewer for 3D models so I'm not sure if this feature fits the idea of the product. Another thing is licencing of the models you download and convert (credit the 3d scanners properly /share profit?)
But there are already a couple of tools out there that can reduce polycount/remesh while keeping uvs. I recommend checking out MeshLab. I also had some nice results with 3ds max+Zbrush.
Maybe even Blender can do some clever trick to do what you're looking for :smile:

(Magadan) #3

Well, today i think Sketchfab is more than a 3DViewer, in my vision sketchfab is a 3D model social network, you can share your job, you can remix and share creative commons works. Now sketchfab have a 'collection' feature, this should increases a lot the time of users in the website, creating your collections... And this is good for the sketchfab business in a near future for monetization (publicity). For example, do you imagine 6 years ago a 3D Game Engine are used as a Archviz system ? As a Cutscene editor with trully Cinematic VFX to tell histories (motion capture support) ? As a VR Creative system ? And so many others applications ? So, why not extend sketchfab to inside Game Engines ? About 3D Models license sketchfab already have your guidelines about it, like any other digital authored content, the user should follow the license guidelines, this is not a problem.

Unity and UE4 have milions of users. Today if you are in the Engine, its possible only export a model to Sketchfab. The reverse will be awesome, like a catalog (market place).

A auto conversion of 3D Scan or other common models into a game asset is not a easy task i know, but is not impossible. I think sketchfab priorize the 'easy of use' of viewer as a core directive of the system to users. But i think is possible to design this.

Thanks for share your vision @essimoon. Regards.

(Blackhart) #4

What you need in order to create a good game asset from a high poly scan is a dedicated retopology tool. You can use simple methods in order to "decimate" a mesh and reduce the model down into less and less triangles trying to maintain the most important features... but the end result is usually very messy, poorly optimised, and distorted because the software doesn't know which shapes need to be maintained and prioritised.

Good models for games which use a method of baking down detail from a high poly to a low poly mesh usually involve an artist actually creating a low poly mesh themselves, keeping in mind the flow of the geometry in order to result in good topology that stays faithful the the original higher resolution design.

And, each game is different. The assets for the first person perspective models of a shooter like Call of Duty or Battlefront are much different in quality than the third person models, and much much different than the models you'd find in a top down strategy game or a third person action game. The artists are given budgets on their models dependent on how close the player will be getting to an object, and how many objects are intended to be on screen at any given time.

While conceivably Sketchfab could include a rudimentary decimation tool which reduces poly-count, you can find much better dedicated software for such tasks (Blender 3D, my go-to modelling software which is free and open source includes such a modifier). And, honestly, whatever decimation tool Sketchfab provides would still more than likely output a model that would have to be cleaned up by an actual artist. I don't think this is where Sketchfab should be focusing their efforts. I agree with @Essimoon on this.