New Here! Questions abound! Can you go from 3D on the Screen to 3D printed?

(Prsnltrnr 2000) #1

Hello All,

I’m new to this from a Machinist background. I have many questions but my first is my mostimportant at the moment., Can you go from 3D on the Screen with these models to 3D printed? If so, which programs might convert them? Any help or mystical insights would be appreciated!

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(Tiagojdferreira) #2

Hi @prsnltrnr_2000!

I would recommend you start by reading the information about 3d printing in our help center:

After that, you might want to look for some models that are available for download in our platform. You can either shop for paid models or check our free download section.

You can find model for sale in:

And models for free download in:

Hope this helps!