New(ish) to Sketchfab, look at my stuff!

Hi all, My name is Max and I am a 3D artist!

I wanted to introduce myself and to my work. I focus on game engine-optimized content, particularly environments and hard surface stuff, but I have experience in most parts of the game dev pipeline and a number of related disciplines outside of games.

I’m presently looking to set up a little freelance business for myself, and to that end you should all look at first model for sale: Here!

how shiny, how pretty! I wanted to make something relatively simple just to feel out the process here. Also, consider checking out my portfolio Here.

I’m very happily accepting both work and feedback. Thanks for taking the time!


Welcome to the Sketchfab community Max :sunglasses:



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Welcome :blush:

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I’m also new here! Nice library so far! I particularly like that blunderbuss. =)

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