New material editor ... selection

(Vlad) #1

Ok. And how it possible fine tune material settings if new selection not only show silhouette of selected material but also color dimmed?

I know, i can tap on empty space and selection with color overlay will hidden. But it required after every mouse movement over object of meterial!!

PLEASE, can you make any new UI/UX changes optional, and allow to disable them for users? And collect info how many users will use new features and how many disabled it!?

I know "spherical user in vacuum is an idiot" but Sketchfab is not a Facebook or Instagram, here mostly (may be i'm wrong) but users with higher IQ than average, and will use right UX but reject wrong.


I think @stephomi has some follow-up improvements coming.

(Stephomi) #3

Yep, improvement coming soon on next release, hopefully today.


You can also click the background to hide the selection highlight but remain on that material's settings.

(Vlad) #5

Yes, but for this moment it appeared again if i move mouse over object.


We just added new options about highlighting and zoom when selecting materials.