New sketchfab plan rules

(Susie) #1

Hi to the sketchfab team, so I have received an email informing me of Sketchfabs new pro/premium plan rules and how some of my models will be disabled… the thing is I am a bit confused by the full list of models that are going to be disabled, I don’t understand why the following models (highlighted in yellow on the photo) don’t meet the guidelines for basic Sketchfab plan

I would really appreciate getting some insight on the matter…
Many thanks in advance


Hi Ginger,

Sorry for the confusion! We’re about to send out a follow-up email with an updated list that includes the reason for each model. In the case of “Room Marinette Miraculous Ladybug”, for example, you have more than 5 annotations.

We are also updating the policy such that public, downloadable models are exempt.

(Susie) #3

Oh no problem, Thank you so much for clarifying :slight_smile: I see, so the annotations, and multiple sounds too I presume, I think I understand now.
I will update my scenes according to the new guidelines thanks again!


Thanks for your understanding!