New store model shows in SD by default

I know it is big with lots of 4K textures, but i also think it is crutial for pack to be showed in HD since it’s store pack.

Can you please solve this?

Hey Tom, that’s entirely end user dependent. For example on my gaming rig with a 1080 it shows in HD just fine. On my laptop it shows by default in SD. One thing to consider is to use 2K textures in the preview 3D model (more than enough resolution for most users) and include the 4K textures in the additional zip file and make it clear in the description that the buyer will get high quality textures.

I always advise sellers to think about the model itself as the showcase, but it doesn’t have to be everything you’re offering with the purchase.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you,

I added in description recommendation to enable HD view for best preview

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