New The Force Awakens Scenes


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After posting my WIP for my Star Wars Contest entry on these forums (Deliverance of Binks) I thought I would start a WIP for my next project. Still buzzing from watching TFA several times I have just started the first of a couple of scenes that will feature the scavenger Rey! I love the hand painted stylised style - Disney inspired.

The first scene will include Rey and speeder with BB8 at her ATAT home (or possibly the scavenger market). The second scene will be Rey vs Kylo.

I will need to model both Rey and Kylo (I have already modeled BB). Here is a WIP shot of Rey and my BB8 - I will post a Sketchfab WIP soon..





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Now with some hand painted textures :smile:

Star Wars The Force Awakens - Rey & BB-8 by JCulley3D on Sketchfab

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Untextured Jakku speeder which will eventually be part of the scene.

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nice! I really like it! :wink:

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Thank you @sensationalgames. I have continued work on the speeder and tested in it in Sketchfab. no textures yet.

Rey's Speeder - Star Wars The Force Awakens by JCulley3D on Sketchfab

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Starting to pull the scene together, it will need optimising and I am going to try to render to texture to capture the lighting theme accurately:

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Continuing to work on the scene and textures.

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can I know which software do u use??

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Hey there, I use 3dsmax 2015 and Photoshop Elements 11. Those renders are from 3dmax :smile:

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It's done!

Star Wars - Jakku Outpost by JCulley3D on Sketchfab