New to 3D art, really excited to learn more!


(Nine Prisms) #1

Hey, I’m Nine, nice to meet you all! I just joined Sketchfab because the tools here to share 3D art are amazing! It’s also really cool to find an active community based on 3D art!

I started 3D art 4 days ago now. I’m using blender because it’s free and I don’t have the funds to get anything not free, but honestly loving it so far! It’s being so nice to use and I’m finding some amazingly helpful videos about blender on youtube! I’m so thankful that I’m able to do all this for free!

I’ve been a 2D artist for years, drawing, painting, in all sort of styles and medias. Always wanted to bring my ideas to life, but I can’t say I have ever really enjoyed it like I’m enjoying 3D, even making simple solid colour objects is so much more rewarding!

my end goal is to be able to model (from scratch) and animate anime style characters, both separate and within a scene. I have a lot to learn, but I have never had so much fun! Looking forward to working hard and to getting to know and be inspired by the rest of the 3D community online!:two_hearts: